69 industrial items on sale for approximately $38m

Dark red Group, the first developers of Ruby Storage facility Complex, is normally selling it is stake inside the building.

This kind of consists of 69 strata-titled coolers, or regarding 53 percent of the production by publish value.

The guide cost is $37. some million to $38. main million, or perhaps about $280 to $290 per sq ft.

The units happen to be fully tenanted and had recently been held by ongoing enterprise as an investment property. Investors shall enjoy a net return previously mentioned 6. two per cent a complete year.

The complex is known as a four-storey strata-titled industrial storage place complex in Kaki Bukit Road two, with about 25 years remaining on the lease.

The sale portfolio incorporates all strata units on the floor floor, while using other 33 units extended across levels two to four.

The whole portfolio, making up about 133, 892 sq feet in all, will be sold to just one purchaser ideally.

However , customers also have the option of bidding just for either the 36 items on the ground floors or 33 units on the other levels.

The floor floor items front the street and have direct loading and unloading gain access to, which is uncommon. Upper floors units include a dedicated launching bay location.

The property is within a mature commercial neighbourhood and can appeal highly to logistics companies and businesses with warehousing requirements.

Ruby Group was more active in Singapore three decades ago. Additionally, it developed the Ruby Commercial Complex in Genting Street and has the Alfa Centre in Bukit Timah Road.

May be to be the arranged family business vehicle of Mr George Chow, a former director of Singapore Anatomist and Shipbuilding. It has several houses in Australia likewise.